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Learn why and how to keep it silent.

There is a few main reasons for noisy garage door. On the top of the list It will be fair to say that bad rollers, rusted springs and proper lubrication of the door it's the main cause of a noisy garage door. Extension springs system on the garage door are tend to be more noisy than torsion spring system. Most commonly found on single car garage door. Poor installation of garage door can lead to a noisy door from the fact of the garage door rubbing against the tracks. Every garage door is different. It might look the same and it could be your next door neighbor with the same door and his is completely silent, smooth and quiet. Our best guess will be newer springs, proper lubrication of the door and quiet nylon rollers. It's truly makes a big difference in keeping a nosy door operated smooth and quiet. Few uncommon reason for a noisy garage door is lock mechanism rubbing against the tracks. Bent or crooked garage door sections. Broken hinges, Center bearing plate missing a bearing on the springs shaft. As a result you will find a black powder on the top center section and black powder marks outside of the garage door on the top section.


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Tip: did you know that a screwdriver garage door opener can be very noisy without proper lubrication and maintenance? Try greasing the steel screw rod.

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